Photographer Girona, Costa Brava, Barcelona and Foreign Photographer.

For maximum customer satisfaction in my work I bring a point of creative, professional and unique view. My business is focused in different fields.


Wedding photographer Girona.

Reportage wedding photography inspired in photojournalism, dinamic, unconventional. Digital professional wedding albums exclusive and high quality albums. Totally different custom formats.

What better people to go at your leisure and you, as a photographer, be a spectator?

In my pictures I try to convey sensitivity living with you the most emotional moments: tenderness in the eyes of a child, the sweetness in the expression of a child, the complicity of a couple...a cry, a smile.

The spontaneity of the moment is key to understanding my photographic style. I like to give prominence to everyone and feel confortable in front of a camera.

Look for yourselves.


Photographer Communions Girona. Studio and outdoors.

Custom reports Communions Photography. Enjoying natural surroundings get the spontaneity of a child.

I observe first, then shot.

Take pictures for Communion is not any test to a child. It's a moment of complicity.

I like to capture the illusion, innocence and nerves prior to that will be a great day for them.

I like to have a good time and have fond memories of that day.

Laugh, jump, run.


Fashion Photographer.

Photo session in Studio and outdoor

Books for models, personal and agencies.

I travel to any site.

Photographs oriented world of fashion clothing brands, cosmetic,...

We reflect the demands of designers with different styles and contemporary aesthetics.



I'm very fascinated in street people and the way they live their lives.

Both in my studio and outdoor I adpt to each person and situation.

I want to convey in a photo sobriety of a gesture, an intimacy, a desire.

I like that everyone is comfortable and establish a complicity.

Realization of personalized books.


Industrial photography.

Promotional photography of different spaces.


Various reports adapted to different families.

I suggest family reports in outdoors looking naturalness of the moment.

This is a good time to do so within the chosen space.

Inviting environment that has the desire complicity.

Delivery of high quality photo books.


Baby Reports.

Studio photos of babies up to 12 months generally goo.

Children photograph.

From an age and when they stand on their own and take their first steps, without detracting from studio photo, I like to take advantage of their mobility and enjoy the outdoors.

Now it's up to jump, run around and not be aware of a camera. All are different.

As in adults is my job to adapt to each of them.

Reports presented in custom books maximum photo quality.


Very personal vision of photographs of different theme.

I want to dedicate this section to my great teacher, my father. 

I gave me the tools to throw in the world he o passionate, photography.

With Leyca in hand he said:

"Visualize it before you make a picture in your mind; do not shoot down shoot; avoiding flash whenever possible,..."

And I continue for many years with the same illusion, watching, traveling with my cameras, with the longing to overcome challenges and true to style.